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  • Nov 2023
    Nice sporty vehicle. Cheapish on fuel.
    —YVETTE B - 2016 Holden Cruze Equipe Manual
  • Oct 2023
    Needed a suitable car that can be easily adapted for a disabled driver, the Cruize fitted that
    —Kevin B - 2016 Holden Cruze Z SERIES 1.8P/6AT/SL
  • Aug 2023
    So far,the best car i have driven.
    —Carlo N - 2016 Holden Cruze Z Series
  • Jul 2023
    Great little reliable car.
    —Novena J - 2016 Holden Cruze Equipe
  • Jul 2023
    Car is the perfect size for a small family wanting to travel but also nifty for daily trips. Very impressed with it
    —Michael J - 2016 Holden Cruze Equipe
  • Apr 2023
    Great reliable car
    —LEIGH R - 2016 Holden Cruze Z SERIES 1.8P/6AT/SL
  • Apr 2023
    Smooth driving, and very good on petrol
    —Tevita N - 2016 Holden Cruze CD
  • Mar 2023
    Drives smoothly, plenty of power when needed, looks awesome, sporty and great colour. Enough bells and whistles without being over the top. Wanted something sporty and different on a tight budget. Extremely happy with my choice.
    —Sandra T - 2016 Holden Cruze SRI Z-SERIES 1.6P/6A
  • Nov 2022
    Good car
    —Warren W - 2016 Holden Cruze Equipe
  • Nov 2022
    So far very satisfied with purchase.
    —Lorrainne R - 2016 Holden Cruze Z Series
  • Oct 2022
    Very nice car. Small, stylish and comfortable. My only qualm with this vehicle is the gear changes are very noticeable and it lacks in 'take off' power. But all round nice car.
    —Rikki T - 2016 Holden CRUZE EQUIPE 1.8P/6AT/HA/5
  • Oct 2022
    Great size. Just what we were looking for. And of course it had to be a HOLDEN ...
    —Neville E - 2016 Holden Cruze EQUIPE Hatch 1.8L Auto NZ New
  • Oct 2022
    Its been a week since I got my Holden and im in love with it..my extended family are happy aswell because they can actually fit lol..overall I love it its my new baby lol..
    —Te-Vaine-Rau T - 2016 Holden Cruze 1.8 Equipe Sedan
  • Aug 2022
    It is nice to drive and quite peppy and comfortable.
    —Carol M - 2016 Holden Cruze Equipe
  • Jul 2022
    Nice price very good ks sits in the road when driven, spacious.
    —Josephine T - 2016 Holden Cruze Equipe
  • Jul 2022
    It's a hatchback but surprisingly spacious,lots of leg space,big boot,
    —Jason E - 2016 Holden CRUZE EQUIPE 1.8P/6AT/HA/5
  • Jun 2022
    Love the thing, I cried when I drove it home I’m absolutely in love with it
    —Phoenix S - 2016 Holden Cruze Z- Series
  • Jun 2022
    Love that car very comfortable inside and looks great
    —Crystal S - 2016 Holden Cruze Equipe 1.8L NZ New
  • May 2022
    Its good on fuel.
    —Andrew R - 2016 Holden Cruze CD
  • May 2022
    We like it
    —Sarb K - 2016 Holden Cruze Z
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