• 2015 Dodge Journey

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  • Jan 2024
    Super comfortable and so much space
    —Karan S - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T 3.6 Auto 7 Seater
  • Jul 2023
    Great car plenty of room for everything
    —Scott O - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T 3.6P/6AT/SW/5DR/
  • Jul 2023
    Great family vehicle. Lots of space and has all the modern safety equipment you would expect. If you are concerned about fuel economy, this is not the vehicle for you. Big capable engine that cruised the steep hills and sharp bends of the Gentle Annie (Hastings - Taihape Rd) with ease in quite bad weather conditions.
    —Hetu T - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T 3.6P/6AT/SW/5DR/
  • Mar 2023
    I/we are extremely happy with our purchase. Having all of the extra features such as DVD player, built in booster seats is an added bonus. The all round sound alpine sound system is brilliant and crystal clear. Having the extra seats in the back is perfect for big families. Or lay them flat for extra boot space. Automatic door locking when vehicle is in motion is also amazing for extra safety. Love the keyless start and east locking access when leaving the vehicle. Vehicle is best run on premium fuel for performance and is great on long trips. I could go on and on about this amazing vehicle but I strongly suggest you try for yourself. You will not be disappointed. Overall, we only have positive things to say about this vehicle.
    —Bianca P - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T
  • Mar 2023
    Very spacious vehicle!! Looks and drives beautifully however gas consumption is not good if your doing short trips, still yet to take it on a long road trip and see how it really goes
    —Beau H - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T 3.6P/6AT/SW/5DR/
  • Feb 2023
    Good and reliable car
    —Joanna T - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T
  • Aug 2022
    A good family vehicle
    —Peni F - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T
  • Jul 2022
    Enjoy to drive it
    —Kevin C - 2015 DODGE Journey SXT
  • May 2022
    It is a dream to drive. So much space.
    —Debbie Chaney - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T 3.6P/6AT/SW/5DR/
  • Dec 2021
    Love the car, looks near brand new so well looked after.
    —Stella F - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T 3.6P/6AT/SW/5DR/
  • Aug 2021
    Nice family vehicle with all the bells and whistles
    —Wendy M - 2015 Dodge JOURNEY R/T 3.6P/6AT/SW/5DR/
  • May 2021
    Ther are no complaints literally. The dodge drives smoothly with comfort. And can put you ease with Bluetooth for safer driving too.
    —Annette S - 2015 Dodge Journey SXT
  • Mar 2021
    Drives nicely on open road comfy with plenty of xtras to keep you entertained
    —Stanley G - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T 7 Seater 2WD
  • Feb 2021
    Awesome vehicle, get one now...
    —Darryl M - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T
  • Feb 2021
    It is a luxurious car that is awesome to drive. Has a good pick up of speed & it feels solid on the road so you feel secure in it.
    —Barbara J - 2015 Dodge Journey RT
  • Nov 2020
    So many awesome features in this Car! Definitely one of the best family wagons on the market.
    —Aleisha G - 2015 Dodge JOURNEY 3.6L BLACKED OUT, R/T ALLOYS
  • Dec 2019
    First time owning a Dodge Journey love it good space and drives smoothly
    —Saolele T - 2015 Dodge JOURNEY 3.6L BLACKED OUT, R/T ALLOYS
  • May 2019
    We love the look of our new car!!! The space that the car comes with is also important for us as a growing family. We do not regret our choice :)
    —Natayla M - 2015 Dodge JOURNEY R/T 3.6P/6AT/SW/5DR/
  • May 2018
    There is no doubt in my mind that I have found the car that ticked all the boxes. It's perfect!!
    —Desire W - 2015 Dodge Journey SXT 3.6P NZ NEW
  • Dec 2017
    All good so far
    —Ralin George Pvt Ltd - 2015 Dodge Journey R/T