• 2014 Audi Q3

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  • Jun 2024
    Fabulous little SUV. Small enough but you still sit nice and high off the road like a larger SUV.
    —OCEANIA EQUINE LIMITED - 2014 Audi Q3 2.0TFSI Competition Package Quattro
  • Apr 2023
    Great tidy car. Nice boot space. Good audio. Travels really well.
    —Ella D - 2014 Audi Q3 ***48HR SALE*** Great Economy
  • Mar 2023
    So happy to get home to Whangarei from Auckland and then drive to Kaitaia the next day and back and only used 1/2 a tank of diesel, but still heaps of power and very zippy. Lovely car to drive.
    —Deborah Perkins T/As Kara Physiotherapy - 2014 Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Q S TRONIC
  • Oct 2022
    Stylish and good-looking, the 2.0T Quattro drives really well. however, it's a little disappointing that not all of them have some features that you would expect on a 2014 vehicle like cruise control
    —Sheyk A - 2014 Audi Q3 2.0T QUATTRO
  • Oct 2022
    both city and out of town car. And it just fits my golf clubs. :)
    —St Mark’s of Pakuranga Ecclesiastical Goods Trust - 2014 Audi Q3 S Line Competition
  • Aug 2022
    Absolutely love it, nice to drive and enjoy - ticked all the boxes with size, power and styling, definitely would get the S-line model.
    —Joanne L - 2014 Audi Q3 TFSI QUATTRO
  • Jul 2022
    Great car, very pleased with it. A better performance re power than I expected, and well presented
    —Brian C - 2014 Audi Q3
  • Jun 2022
    I love my audi q3
    —NAVNITA N - 2014 Audi Q3 2.0T S-Line Quattro
  • Feb 2022
    Love it!
    —Kaisa J - 2014 Audi Q3 2.0TFSI QUATTRO S-LINE 170PS
  • Jan 2022
    Had been looking for a suitable small Suv and this meet the match
    —HITIT LIMITED T/A HITIT - 2014 Audi Q3 2.0TFSI S Line Quattro
  • Jul 2021
    —Fernando F - 2014 Audi Q3 RSQ3
  • Jun 2021
    Great vehicle for my personal needs, handles well, reasonable power, great styling and comfortable. A small SUV AWD but feels big. Love it.
    —Alan J - 2014 Audi Q3 2.0T QUATTRO
  • Mar 2021
    The Audi Q3 seems to be very economical on petrol, particularly on long distance trips.
    —KAREN G - 2014 Audi Q3 2.0TFSI Quattro
  • Sep 2020
    Beautiful to drive. SLine is fantastic so much up & go. A smooth drive. Love my car. Very economic which surprised me.
    —Stacey L - 2014 Audi Q3
  • Jan 2020
    Great vehicle, it ticks all the boxes
    —Kent T - 2014 Audi Q3 S-Line 2.0T Q
  • Oct 2019
    Very pleased with the car, great comfort and super performance from the 2 litre diesel
    —Christine H - 2014 Audi Q3