• 2008 Toyota Alphard

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Comment Highlights (18)

  • Jul 2022
    Very nice and comfortable
    —Franklin P - 2008 Toyota ALPHARD
  • Jun 2022
    Love the amount of space this vehicle has. Easy to drive.
    —Fuatino S - 2008 Toyota Alphard
  • Apr 2022
    Great for bigger families plenty of power lots of space.
    —Philip M - 2008 Toyota Alphard 350 S Package 8 Seater
  • Apr 2022
    Nice vehicle, plenty of room and drive very well
    —GRANT C - 2008 Toyota Alphard 350S C-pkg
  • Mar 2022
    So good for the family outings
    —Sarah M - 2008 Toyota Alphard G 2.4L
  • Mar 2022
    Lots of Space and a nice looking car
    —Jacobus V - 2008 Toyota Alphard
  • Jan 2022
    Have only had it since Christmas Eve 2021 so far awesome vehicle fit the whole family and all our stuff and that’s the main reason we brought it
    —Ranui T - 2008 Toyota Alphard
  • Dec 2021
    I think the fuel is 9 to 10 for 100 km I was driving with heavy wind and I hardly Feel fantastic driving very comfortable a lot of space I can even put my kayak inside with no problem one of my friend will maybe look for one soon
    —Jean-Daniel R - 2008 Toyota Alphard 240G
  • Dec 2021
    This vehicle was for a different purpose - I required a larger vehicle that could be used crated up for a german shep and 2 staffords. Rear seats have been removed and there is ample room for my customised crates. Very Happy. Travels well ... quiet.
    —Kim F - 2008 Toyota Alphard 2400cc 8 seaters 9 airbags automatic alloys abs dual sliding doors
  • Oct 2021
    Really good vehicle
    —Susanna L - 2008 Toyota Alphard G
  • Aug 2021
    What a beautiful car for my family
    —Ki S - 2008 Toyota Alphard 350S C PKG Pilot Seat
  • Aug 2021
    Excellent space for grand kids and dogs. Multi use interior Smooth vehicle too drive Toyota reliability
    —Allan F - 2008 Toyota Alphard 240G
  • Jul 2021
    Lots of room very comfortable just love it
    —Maraea F - 2008 Toyota Alphard
  • Jun 2021
    I'm happy to toyota alphard room enough for family 👪 and cheap fuel and strong quality quality
    —Noel B - 2008 Toyota Alphard Hybrid 4WD G 8 Seater
  • Jun 2021
    Great size for a family or campervan type set up. Has enough power and is economic to run for its size. The ride is comfortable and the interior is great for larger people. I'm 6'4" and have never had a better vehicle for comfort and visibility.
    —Peter H - 2008 Toyota Alphard Hybrid
  • Oct 2020
    Nice to drive and convenient
    —ANGELITO M - 2008 Toyota ALPHARD
  • Jul 2019
    My family and I love alphards, they are very reliable vehicles. We have just traded our 2005 alphard for a later model. We would normally go for something completely different, but we found them to be great on petrol especially for long trips and comfortable.
    —Leon P - 2008 Toyota ALPHARD 240G
  • Oct 2017
    It is good spacey vehicle.
    —manu U - 2008 Toyota Alphard 8 seater low ks